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Torta pasta da zucchero imperiale 07/08/2014
Torta pasta da zucchero imperiale per matrimoni importanti su tre piani con decorazioni personalizzate a richiesta del cliente.

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il numero 075 951547
Torta per Comunioni e Cresime Perugia 07/08/2014
Si realizzano torte per Comunioni e Cresime appositamente studiate con gusti fruttati e leggeri
e le feste di laurea per cui volentieri mettiamo a disposizione la ns. Sala.

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By 1956 the Pastry Bakery GMB of Castiglione Del Lago (PG) welcomes you into its world of goodness all customers ready to discover the delights of fine backery tradition. The historic and prestigious G.M.B Pastry is from over 50 years synonymous of high pastry tradition, sophistication and elegance in both sweet and savory. Professionalism and great creativity combined with a dedication to the work, make this a fantastic culinary experience. We reserved our clients a quiet and comfortable environment, fully lined in Velvet, where it's nice to chat intimately and accompany the conversation with the delights of the palate of our production. "G.M.B." offers its clients the delivery service at the place and time that you want, chosen dishes within a rich menu of many types of sweets, in addition to sandwiches, panini, focaccia, and salted brioche and each particular request. Wide filling range offer: the first choice selected meats and other selected delicacies for you. Everything is prepared by hand and every day with a great attention to the selection of raw materials. Later will be presented in elegant packaging, accompanied by a nice and refined service. Catering for us at pastry G.M.B has no more secrets: from the event to the business lunch, wedding at children's birthday, from baptism to communion. We try to offer a highly professional service that stands out for the quality of its food and confectionery proposals, for the high professionalism of the staff, for the thoroughness and creativity of the offer, and for the elegance of the equipment.

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